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Do you have a family member or a friend who uses a wheelchair?  You could easily make yourself some extra cash!  We at specialize in Urological Supplies and purchase in large volumes..  We discovered that people who are paralyzed and use a wheelchair also have to use intermittent urinary catheters.  The sad truth is that most people who use catheters attempt to wash and reuse them to save money because of  the high prices of medical supplies.  They usually end up with severe Urinary Tract Infections or UTI's.  This infection can easily travel up into the kidneys and cause serious damage and eventually kidney will become severely infected and the patient could lose their kidney(s) 

We at setup a fantastic program to provide the help these people need.  We give all our patients enough catheters so they can use a fresh catheter every time they catheterize.  They will never again have to put their kidneys at risk by trying to wash out and reuse their old catheters.  Plus we include extra side items with their catheter supplies which includes sterile gloves, K-Y Jelly, antiseptic wipes, under pads and sometimes if necessary misc. items such as diapers and briefs.

We accept  insurances on assignment so the patient has no upfront costs!.  We only charge the allowable amount from the patient's insurance company to prevent them from paying anything out of their own pocket saving them three, four, even five hundred dollars every month!.  And people who already do have a supplier we often eliminate or greatly reduce their out of pocket expense they have now saving them allot of money every month and getting all the supplies they need at the same time!  We also work with the patient's doctor and take care of all the paperwork that needs to be completed for the patient.

All of  patient's supplies arrive at their front door a few days before the 1st of every month by UPS like clockwork.    We have 5 distribution points we ship from within the USA  and a toll-free number so our patients can easily reach us whenever they need too.  We call this program our Urological Home Care Program.  It allows people to keep their bodies clean and live a longer better healthier life without costing them more than the allowable amount from their insurance company which they already have. 

 How Do You Make Money?

 We provide you with your own lead money generating website absolutely FREE!!!  Your website is giving away FREE catheters to people with no strings attached.    We ship them their FREE catheters with absolutely no cost to them!  When somebody signs up for free catheters by filling out the simple form on your site, you will get a notification of information in your email that lets you know when and easily keep track of all the leads your site has generated.  Chances are that person is either buying their supplies out of pocket or trying to wash and reuse them and they more than likely can easily qualify for the Urological Homecare Program.  If they do you just made yourself a kewl $100.00 

We do all the work involved in qualifying your leads for the Urological Homecare Program, and you do NOT have to do anything except keep promoting your website and keep generating cash for yourself!   Please keep in mind you are helping thousands of people who need this type of program and you will be doing the disability community a great service by spreading the word and also making good extra cash for yourself.  

Commissions are paid the 1st and 15th of every month!  For example:  If you got 15 good deals in the same month you would receive $1500.00 commission check on the first of the following month. if you need your commissions sooner I am sure we can work something out.
You will get $100.00 commission for every referral that comes from your website for every qualified lead that becomes a member of the Urological Home Care Program. You can get paid by Check or Paypal.  The choice is yours!


How Much Can I Make?


 Remember $100 for every referral that becomes a new patient for the

 Urological Home Care Program. That means you get paid:

1. good referral is $100.00 

  2. good referrals is $200.00 

  3. good referrals is $300.00 

  4. good referrals is $400.00 

  5. good referrals is $500.00.

  6. good referrals is $600.00 

  7. good referrals is $700.00 

  8. good referrals is $800.00 

  9. good referrals is $900.00 

  10. good referrals is $1000.00

There's NO Limit!!!



Things To Remember


1. This does not cost you anything, not now or ever!

2. You are not buying or selling anything, only promoting your website url

3. You are promoting your free website that gives away catheter to people for free who desperately needs them.

4. We give you tips and online communities and forums, Health Rooms and more, for you to promote your website without spamming.  Follow our simple guide and you will be on the road to success.

5. There are many types of people who use catheters not just people who use wheelchairs.  People who suffer from incontinence, or Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Prostate cancer or irregularities. You have a enormous market of people that need your help!  Sources for good leads are unlimited!





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Sources for good referrals are unlimited.  Your referrals can be a family member, friend, a stranger, someone you met online.


 *Referral Tip*   People who use wheelchairs can be found everywhere!  They are independent and engage in everyday life activities just like everybody else!.  You will meet people who use wheelchairs in movie theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, online in public chat rooms, concerts, parks, schools, restaurants, ball games the list is endless..  They can do everything everybody else can do and sometimes more!    



 Get paid CASH!!!

Helping us help people live better lives!!!