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Do you use intermittent catheters and live in the USA?  If so, we encourage you to take advantage of our special FREE offer, and get free catheters sent to you absolutely free!.  We are a major wholesaler who buys in large volumes for our clients and have direct accounts with all the catheter manufacturers such as Mentor catheter, Bard catheter, Rusch, O’Neil, Hollister, Coloplast etc…  Every month we clean out our inventory and send it to individuals who use and need intermittent catheters.  The free catheters are all brand new and individually wrapped but its what we call “Loose Catheters.”  These catheters have been taken out of their box and we cannot sell incomplete boxes. It would be a shame to throw the catheters away, so instead we happily donate them to deserving individuals that really need them.  We ship them directly to you and the shipping is on us. This offer is only good in the USA.  *Due to resellers, we  reserve the right to refuse service.  We want to make absolutely certain our free catheters are getting the right people and that is people who truly need and use intermittent urinary catheters.


If you self cath using female catheter, coude tip catheter, male catheter, red rubber catheter, silicone catheter or other urinary catheters please feel free to fill out the simple form and we will send you your free catheters.  This will give an enormous amount of people who use urinary catheters a chance to try out mentor catheter, bard catheter, and other brands of catheters for free.  



Please Note:  Intermittent urinary catheter is a medical device you insert in the body and is fully regulated by the state and federal government.  Prescription may be required so please fill out the form completely.  We cannot ship your catheters to you if your form is not completely filled out.  Catheters are usually shipped within 24-48 hours after receiving the completed form.  All information is kept confidential and will  never be disclosed.


Just Complete This Simple Form And We'll Send You 


(Sorry, USA only. Prescription may be required.)

Address and Telephone Information.     (required for all requests)            

*Street Address
Address (cont.)
*Zip/Postal Code
Work Phone
*Home Phone


Medical  Information     (required for all sample requests)

    Medical Diagnosis

        Spinal cord injury

        Complete        Incomplete

        Multiple sclerosis    Spina Bifida    Other 

Please specify other medical diagnosis


    Insurance Information

    Please check all that apply to you.

    Cash, Credit Card, No Insurance


    Medicaid  Which State?

    Private Insurance 


    Workers Compensation

    Other State or Gov't Insurance. 


Please specify other type of insurance. 


Type of intermittent catheter you are currently using:

Clear or stiff plastic    Soft red rubber    Male catheter (10-16inches long)

Female catheter (6-8 inches long)    Straight tip    Coude taper tip

Coude olive tip    MMG O' Neil kits    


French size of intermittent catheter you are currently using:  


Frequency of Urinary Tract Infections

More than 4/year    1-4/year   Less than 1/year


Do you have a urinary tract infection now? Yes    No

Do you wash and reuse your catheters?      Yes    No


Frequency of Catheterization (indicate maximum)   


Doctor Information (required)

First name:

Last name:

Phone: Area Code    


Comments/ Please feel free to tell us how you found this site.




We carry the following brands of urinary catheters.

Mentor, Bard, Hollister, Kendall, Rusch, O'neil, Allegiance, Rochester


The types of intermittent catheters

Male catheter, female catheter, coude tip, self cath, red rubber, latex free catheters, hydrophilic catheters, sterile catheter kits  

Mentor Catheter, Bard Catheter


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